Creating Optimal Health in 2018

It’s a new year and the feeling of new starts, establishing new habits, new vistas of achievement are in the air! Let’s use this issue to discuss some … [Read more...]

Good Health and Holidays!

As a community, we have been through an intense fall. Especially for those of you who have lost your homes and property, we send loving thoughts and … [Read more...]

Why I Do What I Do

Never before have I worked in an area of medicine that produces the results that a Functional Medicine practice, centered on bio-identical hormones, … [Read more...]


This hormone is, of course, the primary sex hormone for the male body. But it plays important roles for women also in maintaining focused attention, … [Read more...]


This hormone is primarily made in the ovaries of women and testicles and adrenals of men. It has several important functions for each sex. For women, … [Read more...]

Re-Building Hormone Balance~ Estrogens

As we start a new year, I want to begin sharing with you the foundations we need to consider when re-building hormonal balance in the body. We'll … [Read more...]

Boosting Health and Well-Being through the Holidays

Once again, fall has been spectacular in Northern California. I've enjoyed the vibrant colors as I have driven thru the picturesque countryside we … [Read more...]

Welcoming the Abundant Harvest

For the past month I have enjoyed the delicious taste of some fantastic locally grown heirloom tomatoes. They are so flavorful, reminding me of the … [Read more...]

Hormones – Our Friends!

Recently as I was talking with a new patient at her first visit, we started discussing the pros and cons of the use of bio- identical hormones for … [Read more...]

Hormones Affect Every Body System

Hope this finds you enjoying late spring in Sonoma County or wherever you are. Such a wonderful time of year to enjoy hiking and the natural beauty of … [Read more...]